Kaliber Stables offers training in General Pleasure, Western Pleasure, Hunter Pleasure, Saddle Seat, Reining, and Halter.

2016 Fee Schedule




Kaliber Stables in Elizabeth CO- $475.00 Per Month

Full Care Board Includes:

  • Daily turn out.
  • Custom Feed Program; 4 daily feedings with premium hay/grain
  • Blanketing.
  • Supplement/Medication Administration.
  • Matted Stalls With Ample Bedding
  • Always Fresh Water
  • Insecticide System
  • Access to 150×90 Indoor Arena
  • Access to 220×120 Out Door Arena
  • Pastures/Trails
  • Tack Storage
  • Crossties/Wash Bays
  • 10pm Well Horse Check
*Some Restrictions Apply


$350.00 Monthly
Due on the 1st of each month


  • One lesson a week, not transferable.
  • Additional Lessons $30.00 each or $400.00 for up to 3 Lessons per Week.
  • Consistent training and conditioning with results.

Part Time Training

$250.00 Monthly
Due on the 1st of each month


  • 2 lessons a month.
  • Additional lessons $30.00 each.
  • Specifically for Conditioning/rehabilitation or maintenance training.

Buyer Assist and Seller Assist Program

It is Kaliber Stables ultimate goal to match the right horse with the right rider. Many circumstances equate into what is the ideal match. With 20 years of equine experience, we are confident that our expertise will allow for a worry free purchasing experience with ethical and concerned personnel in your corner. We take into account your desires and goals while searching for something in your price range and skill compatibility.


An in depth work book is available that will refine your search and make the process that much more successful. Highly recommended for any novice potential buyer. Likely a massive money saver with an insightful personality compatibility section, goals and plans, and an overview of the type of horse that will most likely suit your needs. Exploration into breeds, disciplines and pit falls to avoid. 40.00


Whether the client or Nichole Piercey should find a horse of interest, initial contact to the Seller should be made by Nichole Piercey on the Buyers behalf. Upon the findings of the conversation, the next step may be taken to personally inspect the prospect.
$50.00 per on site evaluation.
Phone contact/email contact and questioning free of charge.


Should the Buyer choose to move forward with an offer, all negotiations are handled by Nichole Piercey for the benefit of the client. A 15% Agent representation fee will result in reflection of the final purchase price. The $50.00 for the initial evaluation may be discounted from this price.
Nichole Piercey will aide when applicable to any title transfer. Pre Purchase Exam

It is the recommendation of Kaliber Stables that all buyers request a pre-purchase exam by a vet of their choice. Never use the sellers vet. If the buyer refuses this recommendation, Kaliber Stables is not to be held liable for any health or soundness issues post purchase.


Selling a horse can be extremely difficult both emotionally as well as the suitability in a saturated and competitive market. Kaliber Stables has an excellent resource with Hindsight Productions LTD and its high quality marketing capabilities to ensure the highest level of suitable exposure. Marketing fees associated with photo/video/ad productions are subject to Hindsight Productions LTD fee schedule.
Nichole Piercey will aggressively campaign the Sellers horse to applicable potential Buyers, field all calls and inquiries and present sale horse in a professional manner upon appointment for on site inspections. Nichole Piercey will act as agent, representing the best interests of the client in any and all negotiations. No dollar amount will be agreed upon without the expressed consent of the Seller.
Nichole Piercey will aide when applicable to any title transfer.
A 15% agent representation fee will be assessed upon the final purchase price. Commission/representation fee may be split upon existing clients within Kaliber Stables.


Kaliber Stables/Nichole Piercey is happy to help you sell your horse.  With the amenities at By the Weghe Farms and the team effort of Hind Sight Productions, capturing your horses’ full potential and creating a media portfolio to allow a large audience view your sales info is our goal.

17% Sales Commission.


  • Fielding all inquiries and showings.
  • Effective Marketing Strategies.
  • Promotional video and print ad creation available per individual need.
  • Show Clipping and Stellar Presentation (Body clipping not included)
  • *Not Applicable for colt starting or problem horses.


*Hauling is $75.00 Minimum and $.75 a loaded mile. Tolls may be charged.

Body Clipping $125.00
Show Clipping/Sanding $40.00
Catch Handling/Riding $25.00 per class
12% agent representation fee for sales. (*Unless otherwise specified)


*Hotel shall be pro rated between all attending clients.

Class B/Class A One Day Shows

$60.00 Half Day, $100.00 Whole Day + Entries + Hauling

+Office+Stable if applicable*

Class A Shows

$350.00 + Entries + Stable + Hauling*

Regional Shows (in Colorado)

$750.00 + Entries + Stable + Hauling*

In State Pre-Show with Regional Show

$850.00 + Entries + Stable + Hauling*

Regional Shows (out of state)

$900.00 + Entries + Stable + Hauling*


$1,500.00 + Entries + Stable + Hauling*

Youth Nationals

$1,500 + Entries + Stable + Hauling*

US Nationals

$1,500.00 + Entries + Stable Hauling*

Canadian Nationals

$2,000 + Entries + Stable + Hauling*

*Medications or specific supplies for individual horses may vary.

**Lodging for trainer prorated between all clients attending, if applicable.**

Client is responsible for all owned horses medications, supplements, vet bills and but not limited to farrier bills. Client will provide good quality halter, lead rope, chest protector, sheet and mid or heavy blanket. Client is responsible for cleaning bills of said items.

Clients responsible to pay in full prior to the show. All information for entry blanks due before closing date or late individuals will face shows late fees.

$30.00 NSF fee for any returned checks.
Repeat offenders will be subject to cash or money orders only.
No exceptions

References and accolades available upon request.