2016 Fee Schedule and Packages

Horsemanship Program and Instruction

Effective : August 15, 2016

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The riding academy program at Kaliber Stables has been refined over the last 20 years. Each rider is given the opportunity to learn on well trained and highly decorated lesson horses. Each rider also has the opportunity to expand their skill level in multiple disciplines. The program caters to riders of all levels, from beginner to advanced, with an emphasis on safety and the true art of horsemanship.

Lesson Tuition Fees

Using Kaliber Academy Horse


A flat rate of $200.00 for four lessons/ monthly. *must be used in 5 weeks

Pay Per Session

$60.00 per session.



A flat rate of $300.00 for four lessons/ monthly. *must be used in 5 weeks

Pay Per Session

$75.00 per session.

*Riders will be placed according to skill level as well as availability into: private, semi-private, or a group session.

Requests for specific sessions will be taken into consideration.

*Trailered-in horses must have current Coggins Health Certificates and must be pre-approved to participate in anything but a private session.

Family Discount

  • 10% off regular fees for total amount of riders.

Evaluation (30 Minute Private Evaluation for Placement)

  • $40.00 Per Individual – Private Session Only

 Advanced Lesson Opportunity Sessions:

Full time students (weekly lessons at Kaliber Stables) are privy to “Activity Sessions.” These sessions vary from shows to fun activity sessions and trail rides.  All activities are considered lessons and part of the Horsemanship Program.  Depending on the level of the rider and involvement, advanced lessons are offered. Monthly lesson fees will be prorated appropriately depending on desired involvement and acceptance into the advanced lesson sessions.

Lesson Cancellation

A 24 hour notice for cancellations is required.  Notice later than 24 hours or no call/no shows will result in forfeited sessions unless there is an emergency. Clients may re-schedule within the same week without penalty upon availability. If there is no attempt to make up the lesson within the week, the lesson will be forfeited.  A four week session must be completed within 5 weeks from the date of purchase.  Monthly lesson packages ensure a reserved time slot.  Clients that choose the pay-per-session feature are subject to possible time changes. This will be strictly enforced.

Instructor cancellation or rescheduling does not result in a forfeit or apply to the expiration time frame.  If any client is aware of an upcoming extended absence or other weekly obligations that may present consistent scheduling conflicts, we ask that you utilize the pay-per-session feature.  All past due amounts will result in a $50.00 late/non-payment fee each week payment is not received.

Show Fees (under construction all info below this line is subject to change- please check back after September 1 )

  • May split certain fees if lesson horse is shared.
  • See the training page for info on Class A and above showing.

Attention Clients Regarding Class “B” shows:

Please review the following:

All class “B” shows will be on a first come first serve basis. Trainer and hauling fees are expected before the show or by the day of the show. Any rider that wishes to ride in both English and Western may do so on the same horse or alternate horses upon availability. A client wishing to show both English and Western may receive exclusivity for one horse unless otherwise approved by the trainer. However, a student may be switched to another horse by the discretion of the trainer for success and safety reasons. Any client showing both English and Western will have the same trainer/horse fee of $100.00 and $60.00 hauling fee. A hauling fee may be split if horses are shared. Any client that wishes to show in only one division may do so for a reduced rate of $60.00. The $70.00 hauling fee still applies unless the horse is used for the alternate discipline for another client. All clients are still responsible for any office/class fees accrued. Each horse may enter a total of 10 classes per show. The trainer has the right to scratch classes for any horse due to health and safety reasons.