“My son, Alex, at the age of 11 was shy, dreamy, and not very good at sports. He’d been expressing an interest in riding lessons for a while but we’d resisted because of the cost. But when it became clear that his self-esteem was suffering because he couldn’t catch or kick or throw a ball as well as his better co-ordinated friends and that he was sitting on the sidelines during recess feeling miserable, we agreed to look into it. We were very fortunate in that, by dint of a search online, we found Kaliber Stables and Nichole Piercey.
When Alex went for his initial assessment a year ago, he was terrified of the horse (despite really wanting to ride), but Nicky was very patient with him and encouraged him constantly. He progressed slowly but surely and now he is riding with confidence. More importantly, his self-esteem has improved, his muscle tone is better, and he is looking forward to playing soccer at school this fall.
I am a teacher myself (though not a riding teacher) and from that perpective I can say quite honestly that Nicky is one of the finest teachers I have ever encountered. Not only does she obviously love horses and know exactly what she is doing professionally – even a non-rider like myself can see that – but she knows exactly how to handle children, when to praise them and when to be critical. I have been impressed by how well she has dealt with Alex in that regard. At the beginning, when he was very scared and too shy even to look directly at her, she was extremely gentle with him and just lavished encouragement and praise on him. Now that he is able to do more, she demands more of him, while still being positive and upbeat about his progress. That seems to me to be just right and Alex’s great respect and affection for her are testimony to her being a terrific teacher.”


Nicky is my first trainer since riding as a child in camp. Although I have done a bit of “ranch riding” through the years, it was not until I met Nicky that I have learned how to truly communicate with a horse. She takes her time during the lessons and is her students’ greatest cheerleader. The horses seem to relate to her and thus she gets things accomplished. Nicky is very competent and effective, she helps me be a better horsewoman and provides a forum to exercise my inner cowgirl as well as decompress from the stresses of work.


I wanted to take riding lessons for as long as I can remember as well as have my son try something new. He is 8 and had never been on a horse before. He was petrified and the wrong trainer could have kept him away from something I have dreamed about my entire life. Our lessons with Nicky turned out to be the best thing we could have done. Jake climbed up on that horse and was shaking but Nicky was strong, supportive and positive. My son walked away from the lesson with a real passion and a new love. Along with Nicky’s gentle horses, she has turned my once very frightened son into a little cowboy. He now canters around like he’s been doing it his whole life. Thanks to Nicky and Kaliber Stables, my son and I share a new bond for something we will be doing together for a very long time to come.
Dee Dee

You want your kids to go on pony rides, then find just anyone, “lesson” programs like that are a dime a dozen. Want your kids to have the complete package? Horse care, lessons that take a kid to the next level, a barn of good kids who really work as a team…then Kaliber is the place and Nicky is second to none with kids.
The Kaliber Riding Program is a wonderful place for your child to experience horses. Nicole Piercey has been wonderful with our daughter, she is a gifted teacher, she knows how to teach! She has a passion for what she does and compassion for the students she instructs.


If you are looking for the best trainer for your kid, yourself & horse, Nicky Piercey is GREAT!She is thorough, diligent, creative and positive in the arena during lessons and at shows. She is pro-active in the care of all her horses. She is not shy to advise what needs to be done and how to get it done.
My daughter, Millie and our horse Abbers have bonded, excelled more and are happier together than ever before.
A Kaliber Horse Mom,Karen Testimonial letter from students moving away.
We will truly miss you and the barn It is wonderful having our daughters at a barn where we feel very comfortable with the lesson horses (their capabilities, training and safety) and your guidance Kaitlin and Cassidy have grown and advanced beautifully under your instruction.
Thanks so much to Deb for letting Cassidy ride Rio You have made a young girl very happy and proud – she was/is so proud of him I was so very proud of both of them and how Rio took great care of Cassidy This was an experience I’m sure she will never forget Thank you for a very positive and fun experience for her very first show Because of Rio, Cassidy is now very interested in showing (not sure if I want to say thanks for that or not J – I see $$$$$$$$ signs)
Anyway, we will miss you all I pray we find a barn very close to where we will be moving that has as great a lesson horses and as wonderful an instructor and families to support the barn as Kaliber Stables does (I am not an overly emotional person but tears are flowing as I am writing this) Take care and keep in touch,

Melanie, John, Kaitlin and Cassidy